Deed of arrangement


Deed of company arrangments

A deed of company arrangement (DOCA) is a binding arrangement between a company and its creditors governing how the company’s affairs will be dealt with, which may be agreed to as a result of the company entering voluntary administration.

It aims to maximise the chances of the company, or as much as possible of its business, continuing, or to provide a better return for creditors than an immediate winding up of the company, or both.

Deed of Arrangement
Deed of Arrangement

The first meeting is held within eight business days of the appointment.

The second meeting is held about four to six weeks after the appointment. At that meeting creditors will choose the option which they believe will best serve their interests.

The two most common outcomes of a voluntary administration are the execution of a Deed of Company Arrangement or the liquidation of the company.

Our aim to provide you with the best possible financial outcome from your Deed of Arrangement.